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Arlington National Cemetery Tours

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At DC Tours and Transportation, one of the sights on our popular family-friendly tours is Arlington National Cemetery. Although Arlington is not an official stop on our route, our knowledgeable drivers are happy to provide history and trivia about the renowned cemetery. For an entertaining and enlightening tour of Washington DC, book a tour with us today.

Arlington National Cemetery Monuments

Besides containing the final resting places of 400,000 veterans and their families, Arlington National Cemetery is also known internationally for its monuments and memorials. A key part of Arlington National Cemetery tours is visiting areas of interest around the grounds. Here are just a few of the popular sites guests can explore at the national cemetery:

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is the most famous memorial at Arlington National Cemetery. The first soldier to be entombed is buried beneath a white sarcophagus overlooking Washington DC. Two other soldiers from World War II and the Korean War are buried behind the sarcophagus. A soldier from the Vietnam Conflict was buried at the site, but he was later identified and removed at the request of his family. A marble slab remains in commemoration of the conflict. Experts say it is unlikely that any more soldiers will be added, thanks to advancements in identification technology.

The most recognizable feature of the tomb is undoubtedly the 79-ton white neoclassical marble sarcophagus. On the front panel facing east are three figures representing Peace, Victory, and Valor. On the back panel, facing west, read the engraved words: “Here Rests in Honored Glory an American Soldier, Known but to God.” Every year, millions of people from around the world come to pay tribute to the Unknown Soldier, and all of the unidentified American heroes he represents.  

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John F. Kennedy Grave

Perhaps one of the most famous people buried at Arlington, John F. Kennedy’s grave is best known for the eternal flame that stands guard over the gravesite. Resting on a five-foot circular granite stone and lit by First Lady Jackie Kennedy on November 25, 1963, the fire has been burning continuously for over 50 years.

The initial gravesite was 60 square feet and was surrounded by a white picket fence. But when over 16 million people visited the grave in the first three years, Arlington officials and members of the Kennedy family decided that the site ought to be reconstructed. Today, visitors pay their respects to the late President at a 210-foot circular memorial granite walkway, surrounded by over 3 serene acres set aside in memoriam. Both the President and his wife are laid to rest at the gravesite.


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Women in Military Service for America

The Military Women’s Memorial was created to commemorate all the women who served in and with the US armed forces, from the American Revolution to today. This monument is also a museum, with a variety of interior exhibits within the majestic structure. Learn more about America’s fearless female soldiers – from women who fought in disguise in the 18th and 19th centuries, to women currently serving our country overseas. 


Famous People Buried at Arlington

Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, military heroes, activists, architects, astronauts, and more have been laid to rest in Arlington. So many extraordinary individuals are buried on the grounds that the official Arlington website has a section dedicated to notable graves. Whether you’re looking for rugged Arctic explorers or Hollywood actresses (Maureen O’Hara is buried with her husband), everyone has a pilgrimage to make on Arlington National Cemetery tours. Take the time to pay respects to the thousands of Americans that built our country into what it is today.

Arlington Cemetery Hours

The Arlington National Cemetery is open from 8am – 5pm, every day. All of our day tours run within normal hours of operation, ensuring that all guests will have a chance to see Arlington when it is open and active. The cemetery will be visible from the bus, but it is not an official stop on our tours. We highly encourage guests to make time to explore Arlington National Cemetery monuments, resting places of famous people buried at Arlington, and other elements of the idyllic cemetery after the tour is over.

Join An Upcoming Tour with Us

Our tours are entertaining, educational, and fun for the whole family! Whether you’re in DC for a visit or have lived here a long time, DC Tours and Transportation is the best way to get a glimpse into the history of our national capital (and pick up some trivia along the way). We are a small veteran-owned business with over 20 years of experience introducing guests to the wonders of Washington DC. Book a tour today to learn more about our beloved capital city.

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