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Digging Deeper: 7 Interesting Facts about Arlington National Cemetery

Uncovering Arlington National Cemetery

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Hey there, history buff! Fancy a trip down memory lane? Well, buckle up, because we're taking a virtual ride to one of the nation's most iconic landmarks–Arlington National Cemetery.

But this ain't your average history lesson. We're diving into some lesser-known facts that'll make your next Memorial Sightseeing Tour all the more interesting!

#1. From Living Room to Eternal Rest(room)

Bet you didn't know that the Arlington National Cemetery was once someone's backyard! Yep, you heard right.

This hallowed ground used to be a private estate owned by Mary Anna Custis Lee, wife of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, and the great-granddaughter of Martha Washington herself. Talk about a lineage with serious street cred!

#2. Born from the Ashes of Civil War

Here's another nugget for ya. The cemetery was established smack dab in the middle of the Civil War in 1864. Its first inhabitants? Union soldiers.

And here's another kicker–the land was originally owned by the Confederates.

Now that, my friends, is what I call playing chess, not checkers!

#3. The Ever-Watchful Guardians

Silent Sentinels of Arlington National Cemetery

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The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a monument to our brave heroes whose remains couldn't be identified, is guarded around the clock. Yeah, you heard me, 24/7.

And these guards, hailing from the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Regiment (aka "The Old Guard"), don't mess around. Rain, shine, or snowstorm, they're out there standing tall.

Talk about dedication!

#4. An Eternal Flame for JFK

JFK, one of our most adored presidents, has his final resting place here.

And it ain't just any old grave. His spot is marked with an 'eternal flame'. Yep, you read that right, this flame has been burning non-stop since his burial in 1963. It's like a never-ending tribute to a leader who left us too soon.

Trust me, seeing that flame flicker on our Memorial Sightseeing Tour will give you chills. Real goosebump stuff!

#5. A Legion of Heroes

Arlington National Cemetery's Revered Figures

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And speaking of heroes, did you know that over 400,000 people are buried at this cemetery? It's like a vast ocean of bravery and sacrifice!

Mind you, these aren't just any folks–they're our veterans from every single war the nation has fought, from the American Revolution all the way through to Iraq and Afghanistan.

It's a truly humbling testament to the courage and sacrifice of our armed forces. Kinda puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

#6. Space Heroes Rest Here Too

But hold up, not all heroes rock military uniforms. Some of them don spacesuits. That's right, we've got astronauts resting here too.

The brave souls from the tragic Challenger and Columbia Space Shuttle disasters have found their final resting place here. Their contributions to space exploration are forever etched in our history and hearts.

So when you're there, take a moment, look up at the sky, and remember those who reached for the stars.

#7. Not Just For the Military

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And while it's primarily a military cemetery, Arlington isn't just exclusive to the uniformed men. It's also home to some of our pretty notable civilians. We're talking about Supreme Court justices, U.S. government officials, and even foreign diplomats. It's like a VIP list of American history!

Next time you visit, remember, you're walking amongst the graves of some of the biggest game-changers in our nation's story.

Experience the History Firsthand

Reading these Seven nifty facts surely gives you a fresh perspective. But hey, this is just one thing–seeing it yourself is a whole different ballgame!

Book Today and immerse yourself in the living history of Arlington National Cemetery!

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