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DC Bus Tours by Moonlight

What You Get On This Tour

Our DC Bus Tours by Moonlight are not just your everyday sightseeing jaunts. It's a 3.5-hour joyride through history under the starry blanket of the DC skyline. We'll whisk you away on an illuminated adventure that you won't forget.

Here's what you're signing up for:


A Spoken Intro that Sets The Evening

This ain't just a bus ride; it's a time machine!

As the wheels start rolling, we kick off with a spoken intro that ain't your regular Sedan/SUV Bus Services driver spiel. It sets the mood, painting that vibrant picture of the evening that lies ahead. It's like a movie trailer for the epic night tour you're about to embark on!

Our Knowledgeable Guides

We're your storytellers, weaving those tales filled with heroism, struggle, and triumph that'll have you hanging onto every word. We're about giving you the real scoop, no fluff that'll make your Memorial Sightseeing Tour experience truly unique.


Stops at Seven Iconic Memorials


We've got seven iconic memorials on our itinerary, each one an absolute stunner. You think they look good during the day? Wait till you see them bathed in moonlight, their shadows dancing on the ground!

Unveiling DC's Secrets on a Moonlight Bus Tour

Explore Each Site Independently

Want to snap a hundred photos? Go for it.

Feel like soaking up the aura and energy of these historic sites? Take your time, pal.

Or maybe you just want to sit quietly and ponder the stories these memorials tell. That's cool too! This isn't a rush-rush tour; it's your time, your way!


Children under the age of 3 years old ride free.

Same day bookings must be placed before 5pm


Knowledgeable Guides and Captivating Stories About DC History


Here's where we'll be heading:

  • World War II Memorial: A tribute to the spirit of a generation.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial: Where dreams meet determination.

  • Korean War Memorial: A haunting reminder of the 'forgotten war.'

  • Lincoln Memorial: Say hello to Honest Abe in all his grandeur.

  • Vietnam Memorial: A stark, poignant homage to the brave hearts lost.

  • Vietnam Women's Memorial: Celebrating the women who served with courage and compassion.

  • USMC Memorial (Iwo Jima): A timeless symbol of resolve and valor.

Meet Point

Please meet us at PM at the Metro Center in downtown D.C. 

Our guides will be waiting for you there.


Just let us know if you're staying at a downtown D.C. hotel. We will be delighted to pick you up right from your hotel doorstep.


No need to navigate unfamiliar streets or worry about parking—just sit back, relax.

We take care of the transportation!

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